Talk Nerdy to Me Podcast

Glad I could be featured on the Indiana University IT department’s podcast talking about GreekRide and some recent tech news! Some topics include: Meerkat & Periscope, Facebook’s latest news partnerships, Elon Musk announcing self-driving Teslas, and Apple’s response to Steve Jobs bio. Can’t wait to be on again. 

Indiana University student Liam Bolling, joins Talk Nerdy to talk about his startup company, GreekRide—a ride-management app for fraternities and sororities. Other topics include: cutting the cable cord, Meerkat & Periscope, Facebook's latest: News partnerships and Messenger; Elon Musk announces self-driving Teslas; Apple's response to unauthorized Steve Jobs bio. 

The App Market is Bigger than Hollywood

Apple paid $10 billion to developers in calendar 2014. Additional statistics for the App store are: $500 million spent on iOS apps in first week of January 2015 Billings for apps increased 50% in 2…

I knew that this would eventually happen, but it came as a surprise to me that it happened so soon. It goes to show that the app industry is stronger than ever, and that Hollywood might have some problems down the road. People are paying for their entertainment through apps and video games because of their ubiquity and increased quality, while Hollywood still hasn’t figured out a decent way to sell their movies and films in a modern way. The App Store alone is directly responsible for the creation of 627,000 jobs, while Hollywood creates 374,000 jobs.


Developers Can Save People from Dropping Their Phones.

After almost dropping my phone twice, I came to realize why I was losing grip of my already too large iPhone 6; it was because I kept trying to reach for the top left corner of the screen to pull open the menu of almost every app I use daily. By doing a simple test of moving the button to the right in my latest app, instead of the left, I’ve come to the conclusion that developers could most likely save iPhones from being dropped every day. This left top corner hamburger button shit needs to stop. 

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Apple has lost the functional high ground

I do agree with most of Marco’s piece, but I don’t think that Apple is on a permanent downward trajectory. While Apple has had a lack of rock solid software in the last couple of years, I think the reason is because it’s in a transitional period on trajectory to becoming a much more open and larger company. Examples would be extensions and today view widgets, which still occasionally have issues with arbitrary bugs and App Store rejections, but seem to be moving towards a much more open attitude. With all of the episodes that involve developers, Apple still takes a very responsive approach and fixes the problem quickly. 

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