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Good design is the intersection of affordance and beauty, combined with technology.

Where the user knows how to manipulate a product's interface without instruction, as well as subconsciously delighted by its beauty and vitality. The product should be delightful and elegant in its implementation, but without a lack of function. It should be innovative, and never fear the possibility that it isn't the right solution. Good design is when the designer pours his life into products, for the soul purpose that it will bring a moment of joy to the people he touches.

I have started two companies which allowed me to work on forging elegant websites and apps. From political campaigns to showcasing artists to non-profit organizations, I have worked to achieve a wide variety of goals. I will major in Informatics and minor in Computer Science at Indiana University.

- Liam

Current Projects

Screenshot of the Indiana University IFC Website -- Designed by Liam Bolling

Indiana University Rush

Built a website to manage accounts and profiles of over 2,000 students rushing fraternity houses every semester. Allows for rush chairmen to keep track of potential new members and for the Interfraternity council to manage the 34 fraternities at Indiana University.
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Screenshots of GreekRide -- Designed by Liam Bolling


An iPhone, Android, and Windows phone app that will allow for members of greek organizations to request rides from designated drivers for the night. Finds the GPS location of the current user, sends location data, and offers live tracking of driver in an elegant, but fun, interface.
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Past Projects

Deutscher Verein in New York Website programmed and developed by Liam Bolling

Deutscher Verein in New York

I built a web platform that allowed the Deutscher Verein to manage their over 200 member's contact information, send invitations for events, and update the content on their website. I designed and programmed the front end, as well as most of the back end management software.
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Joshua's Eternal Journey Website programmed and developed by Liam Bolling

Joshua's Eternal Journey

After hearing the touching story behind Joshua’s Eternal Journey, I worked with the non-profit organization to create a website that could help spread their message, while showcasing their sponsors. Administrators could manage the content on the website through a custom CMS that I created for them.
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Charley Lau Hitting Website programmed and developed by Liam Bolling

Lau Hitting

Charley Lau Jr. came to me with a vision; give as many people as possible access to his baseball hitting videos. By re-designing the website, creating a platform for streaming his videos, and having membership accounts I was able to bring his vision to life. Charley and I are still working together to find the perfect intersection between his instructional videos and technology.
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Simsbury High School Forum Website programmed and developed by Liam Bolling

SHS Forum

The Simsbury High School newspaper was losing members and losing relevance. In a year’s span, I worked with multiple departments to create a state of the art website that allowed for students to publish their work, as well as a new full-color magazine that was printed every 3 months.
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Julie Ann Flynn Website programmed and developed by Liam Bolling

Julie Ann Flynn

Julie Flynn creates remarkable pieces of art through her creative prints. Whether those prints are the design of an old drain lid, or classic pair of boots, her prints are one of a kind. She came to me with a design, and I turned that design into a reality.
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Andrea Deierlein Website programmed and developed by Liam Bolling

Andrea Deierlein

Andrea Deierlein is a copywriter and content producer that works with digital and physical media. She needed a website to showcase her talents, display her resume, and let potential clients contact her. I worked with her to create this goal in a responsive website design that was clean and simple.
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Well Served Tennis Academy Website programmed and developed by Liam Bolling

Well Served Tennis Academy

The Well Served Tennis Academy teaches children with Autism the life-long game of tennis. The organization was in need of a website that could showcase their sponsors and tell visitors their goal. That is what I created for them.
Website Offline

John Hampton Website programmed and developed by Liam Bolling

John Hampton 2012

John Hampton was running to become the State Representative of the 16th Assembly District in Connecticut and needed a website to base his campaign on. The website displayed his stance on issues, a gallery of how he was working with the community, and what John stood for. He was elected into office on November 2012.
Website Offline

Coco's Cottage Boutique Website programmed and developed by Liam Bolling

Coco's Cottage

Coco’s Cottage is a small business that has two stores located in Georgia and Connecticut. Carol Perkins, the founder of Coco’s Cottage, needed a website that would tell their story and show common accessories and clothing that could be found in the shops. I worked with her to create a design that was simple and that would reach her goal.
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